Reboot 2018: Are We Headed for a U.S. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

With continued scrutiny over social media companies’ data practices, states are stepping in to pass aggressive new privacy laws. For instance, the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 will be the toughest data privacy law in the nation when it goes into effect in 2020. But with fears over navigating a patchwork of inconsistent laws, tech companies are increasingly interested in a federal privacy bill that will preempt the states. What might this look like, how likely is it to happen in the next Congress, and what will it mean for consumers?

The Regulatory Transparency Project co-sponsored the Lincoln Network’s Reboot 2018 conference.

Jamie Boone

Vice President, Government Affairs

Consumer Technology Association

Neil Chilson

Senior Research Fellow

Center for Growth and Opportunity

Chris Riley

Director, Public Policy


Anne Hobson

Program Manager, Academic & Student Programs

Mercatus Center, George Mason University

Cyber & Privacy

Lincoln Network

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