Leave a Decent Comment: Section 230 & the Fight for the Future of the Internet

When politicians and big tech clash over political bias, fake news, and content moderation, who wins? And will it be “Game Over” for the Internet as we know it?

At the heart of this battle is a once-obscure section of an unpopular law from the 90s that, arguably, brought the Internet out of the wild west and made it what it is today. Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act has been in the news a lot, but what the heck is it? Why do some people argue it gives a voice to the powerless while others say it allows giant corporations to stifle free speech? And how will the outcome of this fight affect YOU?

In “Leave a Decent Comment,” experts, politicians, and pundits debate the pros and cons of amending Section 230 by looking at how the Internet developed and its many possible futures.

There’s a war brewing over Section 230 that could dramatically change our online lives.

In this short film, Former Representative Chris Cox, Senator Ted Cruz, Ashkhen Kazaryan, Rachel Bovard, and Jeff Kosseff explain the history and current issues around Section 230.

Jeff Kosseff is speaking for himself and not on behalf of the U.S. government.

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Rachel Bovard

Senior Director of Policy

Conservative Partnership Institute

C. Christopher Cox

Former Representative, United States House of Representatives


Ted Cruz

United States Senator


Ashkhen Kazaryan

Senior Fellow, Free Speech & Peace

Stand Together

Jeff Kosseff

Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Law

United States Naval Academy

Emerging Technology

FedSoc Films

The Federalist Society and Regulatory Transparency Project take no position on particular legal or public policy matters. All expressions of opinion are those of the speaker(s). To join the debate, please email us at [email protected].

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