Cryptocurrency Regulation in the Aftermath of FTX

The collapse of FTX has intensified the debate about how cryptocurrencies should be regulated, including proposed federal legislation. With a string of cryptocurrency failures and tens of billions in losses for investors, increased regulation has become a hot topic. As Bloomberg summarized: “Crypto is squarely in the cross hairs of Washington” and “Oversight of digital assets is among the most pressing issues for US financial watchdogs.”

Should cryptocurrency firms be regulated as banks? Should cryptocurrency assets be regulated as securities or as commodities? If so, who is the right regulator? Do we need new federal legislation? With enhanced financial and risk disclosures, should cryptocurrency firms only be subject to standard commercial law and, if they fail, normal bankruptcy proceedings? These issues will be addressed by this fourth in a continuing series of cryptocurrency webinars presented by the Federalist Society’s Financial Services and E-Commerce Practice Group.

Todd H. Baker

Managing Principal

Broadmoor Consulting, LLC

Steven Lofchie

Corporate Partner

Fried Frank

Cynthia Lummis

U.S. Senator


Alex J. Pollock

Senior Fellow

Mises Institute

J. C. Boggs


King & Spalding LLP

Financial Services & Corporate Governance

Federalist Society’s Financial Services & E-Commerce Practice Group

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