Leading experts discuss the pros and cons of government regulations and explain how they affect everyday life for Americans.

Tech Roundup Episode 3 – The Download on California’s New Privacy Proposal

October 8, 2019

This podcast features a fascinating back-and-forth on the implications of new amendments to California’s privacy law, CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

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Deep Dive Episode 71 – Accounting for Race 101: Virginia Universities and Racial Preferences

October 7, 2019

This episode features audio from a September 10 panel that explored the implications of a study by the Center for Equal Opportunity that examines how five Virginia public universities preference certain applicants based on race.

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Deep Dive Episode 70 – Independent Contractor Or Employee?

October 4, 2019

In this episode, Bruce J. Sarchet gives an overview of the ABC Test; an analysis of the provisions of California’s AB 5; a discussion of the potential impacts on the California and U.S. economy should the bill be passed into law; and options for compliance.

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Explainer Episode 5 – Arizona’s Licensing Reform

October 2, 2019

What are the costs and benefits of occupational licensing? Why do many believe that the laws around licensing ought to be reformed, and what has Arizona been doing to address these concerns? Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute gives an overview of this issue as it has played out in the Grand Canyon State.

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Deep Dive Episode 69 – SOX Auditor Attestation Requirements

September 30, 2019

Do proposed rule changes from the SEC properly balance the concerns of investor protection and capital formation for smaller businesses? John Berlau, Wes Bricker, and J.W. Verrett discuss, and C. Wallace DeWitt moderates.

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Deep Dive Episode 68 – Challenges in Regulating Cybersecurity at the Department of Defense

September 20, 2019

In this episode, experts in cyber-security law discuss the implications of recent changes to the internal rules that govern the information systems of contractors in the DoD supply chain.

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Tech Roundup Episode 2 – The Techlash: Big Tech and Antitrust

September 16, 2019

50 attorneys general have launched an investigation into Google for violations of antitrust law. Are they addressing real consumer harms? Is antitrust law the proper tool to address them? Adam Thierer, Geoffrey Manne, and Hal Singer debate.

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Explainer Episode 4 – Civil Rights and Vanity Plates

September 12, 2019

A USC professor was barred by the California DMV from putting a soccer slogan on his vanity plate; were his free speech rights violated?

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Deep Dive Episode 67 – The New Endangered Species Act Regulations

September 5, 2019

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marines Fisheries Service finalized several new Endangered Species Act regulations. In this episode, Jonathan Wood speaks to Daren Bakst on some of the controversy and legal challenges surrounding those new rules.

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Explainer Episode 3 – EPA’s New Clean Air Act Rules

September 4, 2019

What does the Clean Air Act authorize EPA to regulate, how much discretion does EPA have in regulating emissions, which plan more closely fits the intent of the original law? These and other questions are taken up in this engaging discussion.

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