Short films offering insights into how various regulatory policies impact the lives of Americans.

Enforcing Patents for Bunch O Balloons

May 29, 2018

Josh Malone, inventor of Bunch O Balloons, describes his struggle to enforce the patents for Bunch O Balloons. Is Josh’s experience typical for US inventors? Is the process of protecting one’s invention straightforward? How might this process be improved? A number of intellectual property experts join Josh in elaborating on these questions.

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Regulating Planesharing: A Conversation on Regulation and Innovation

May 23, 2018

In a world of drone delivery and self-driving cars, do innovation and regulation need to be at odds with one another? Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and a variety of other experts weigh in on this critical discussion.

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Innovation in the US Patent System

May 3, 2018

How does the US patent system affect inventors and innovators? Does the patent system promote or stifle innovation? Josh Malone, inventor of Bunch O Balloons, and a variety of intellectual property experts weigh in on this important topic.

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How the FAA Defines a Common Carrier

March 15, 2018

How has common carriage traditionally been defined? How has this definition changed over time? Christopher Koopman, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Technology Policy Program, Mercatus Center, discusses these important questions.

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Collaborative Acceleration of Regulation and Innovation

March 12, 2018

Gregory S. McNeal, Professor of Law and Public Policy, Pepperdine University, and Co-Founder, AirMap, acknowledges that “almost every industry has to have some D.C. touchpoint.” In this video, he discusses “collaborative acceleration” and what it means in practice for both innovators and government agencies.

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Regulating Planesharing: Exploring Common Carriage and Expense Sharing

February 12, 2018

The legal fate of Flytenow, a ridesharing platform for small planes, was sealed by the FAA’s determination that it acted as a common carrier despite Flytenow’s claim that it was engaged in permissible expense sharing. What are common carriage and expense sharing? A variety of experts discuss the legal aspects of the Flytenow case.

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Regulating Planesharing: Flytenow and the FAA

January 8, 2018

Flytenow, founded by Alan Guichard and Matt Voska, was a ridesharing platform for small planes. Hailed as the “Uber of the Sky,” Flytenow aimed to serve as an online bulletin board to connect pilots of small planes with those willing to offset the pilots’ costs. However, the FAA deemed the online nature of Flytenow to be impermissible and Flytenow was unable to take flight. Learn the story of Flytenow in this Fourth Branch video.

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Should You Need a License to Massage a Horse?

December 5, 2017

In 2012, Celeste Kelly received a cease-and-desist letter from the Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board for engaging in horse massage therapy without being a licensed veterinarian. Hear Celeste’s story and learn more about occupational licensure in this Fourth Branch video.

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A License to Massage a Horse? (Preview)

November 6, 2017

In many states, animal massage requires a license. Watch this preview of our upcoming in-depth video on occupational licensing and the story of Celeste Kelly – an animal massage therapist located in Arizona.

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Regulation Over the Decades

October 24, 2017

How have the regulations emanating from Washington changed over the years? Chris DeMuth, Distinguished Fellow at the Hudson Institute, draws from personal experience as he discusses the transformation of the regulatory state over the decades.

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