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Explainer Episode 59 – Why (and How) Does OMB Classify Americans’ Race? A Brief History

October 11, 2023

It may surprise some to know that the government has definitive racial classifications for Americans, and it can be still…

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Explainer Episode 57 – Natural Gas Bans, Appliance Efficiency Standards, and Consumer Choice

July 31, 2023

The debate over the electrification agenda and its implications for consumer choice and the environment remains contentious.  As federal agencies…

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Explainer Episode 56 – Affirmative Action in Employment

July 21, 2023

Affirmative action plans, though perhaps most associated with college admissions and higher education, actually crop up in a wide array…

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Explainer Episode 55 – 10 Years On: The Impact and Effects of AMP vs. Myriad

June 12, 2023

On June 13, 2013, the Supreme Court issued its unanimous decision in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics Inc….

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Explainer Episode 54 – Examining the Biden Administration’s Proposed Changes to Cost-Benefit Analysis

May 24, 2023

On April 6, 2023, the Biden Administration announced two new efforts to “modernize regulatory review” – the first through the…

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Explainer Episode 53 – Biologics, Biosimilars, and the Two-fold U.S. Approval Framework’s Possible Impact on Prices

May 16, 2023

Biosimilars, a category of biologic (medicine derived from a living organism), require approval, at least in the U.S. by the…

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What Came Next: The FDA's Response

Explainer Episode 52 – What Came Next: FDA’s Response to the Reagan-Udall Foundation’s December Reports on FDA’s Tobacco and Human Foods Program

March 8, 2023

In late February 2023, the FDA released its responses to the December 2022 Regan-Udall Foundation reports on the FDA’s Human Foods and Tobacco programs.

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Explainer Episode 51 – Beyond Medicaid? Potential Paths Forward to Better Healthcare

March 7, 2023

In this podcast featuring Tom Miller, he lays out a brief summary of how we got to where we are with regards to Medicaid.

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Explainer Episode 50 – FTC on Privacy: The Statutory Authority Behind the Plan

February 17, 2023

Last November, the Federal Trade Commission accepted comments on its proposal to start a rulemaking related to “Commercial Surveillance” – the agency’s newly minted term for any and all business use of data about customers.

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Explainer Episode 49 – Utility Rate Modeling

February 8, 2023

Energy consumers continue to see rising rates, but how do regulators decide the rate that consumers pay? In this episode, James Coleman and Mark Ellis explain the relationship between federal and state regulators and utility companies, the financing models behind regulated rates, and the incentives created by these models.

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