In-depth analysis of federal, state, and local regulatory policies and their potential implications.

Deep Dive Episode 35 – Examining the California Consumer Privacy Act

September 5, 2018

Justin “Gus” Hurwitz (University of Nebraska College of Law), Eric Goldman (Santa Clara University School of Law), and Lindsey L. Tonsager (Covington & Burling) discuss the substance of the California Consumer Privacy Act (including recent amendments), the process that led to its enactment, and how it is likely to affect future privacy regulation in the United States.

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Deep Dive Episode 34 – Net Neutrality and Federalism

July 13, 2018

Justin “Gus” Hurwitz (University of Nebraska College of Law), Brent Skorup (Mercatus Center), and Geoffrey A. Manne (International Center for Law & Economics) discuss questions surrounding recent state efforts to enforce net neutrality principles after the FCC’s decision in 2017 to eliminate common carrier regulations.

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Deep Dive Episode 33 – Visiting the EPA’s CAFE: What’s on the Menu for Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Standards?

June 29, 2018

Sean H. Donahue (Goldberg & Weaver), Jacqueline Glassman (King & Spalding), and James Conde (Boyden Gray & Associates) discuss the potential legal, political, and economic consequences of the EPA’s proposed rollback of fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards.

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Deep Dive Episode 32 – What to do about Facebook: On Data Privacy and the Future of Tech Regulation

June 7, 2018

Matthew R. A. Heiman (National Security Institute), Thomas Hazlett (Clemson University), Jamil N. Jaffer (National Security Institute), and Megan Stifel (Atlantic Council) discuss Facebook, data privacy, and the future of tech regulation.

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Deep Dive Episode 31 – Tennessee Licensing Board Alarmed by Entrepreneur’s Facial Recognition Software

May 7, 2018

Adam Jackson (Edge AI) and Braden Boucek (Beacon Center of Tennessee) discuss how Adam has been barred by the Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractors Board from distributing the software he developed to identify potentially dangerous individuals and prompt a security response before violence occurs.

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Deep Dive Episode 30 – Arizona Dumps Deference: The Beginning of the End for Chevron?

May 1, 2018

Philip Hamburger (Columbia Law School) and Jonathan Riches (Goldwater Institute) discuss Arizona’s recent passage of legislation eliminating Chevron deference in Arizona state courts, how this new law might change state agency rulemaking and enforcement, and whether this law can serve as a model for the rest of the country, and the federal government.

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Deep Dive Episode 29 – Analyzing how EPA is Addressing “Secret Science”

April 24, 2018

Daren Bakst (The Heritage Foundation) and Richard B. Belzer Ph.D. discuss EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s recent announcement on “secret science” and “how transparency in government can be strengthened and better inform policymaking.”

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Deep Dive Episode 28 – Virginia’s (Un)happy Hour: Is the State Restricting Ads and Economic Rights?

April 18, 2018

Geoff Tracy (Chef Geoff’s) and Anastasia P. Boden (Pacific Legal Foundation) discuss Geoff’s pending case against Virginia’s happy hour advertising law and the potential First Amendment issues at stake.

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Deep Dive Episode 27 – Self-Driving Vehicles: Addressing the Challenges of Groundbreaking Innovation

April 4, 2018

Ryan Hagemann (Niskanen Center) and Jamie Boone (Consumer Technology Association) examine the regulatory barriers to the introduction of self-driving vehicles and propose a potential path forward.

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Deep Dive Episode 26 – Is the FDA’s Rule on Cigars & Vaping Products Constitutional?

April 3, 2018

Todd Gaziano (Pacific Legal Foundation) and Michael Edney (Norton Rose Fulbright) discuss the constitutional implications of the FDA’s 2016 rule on cigars and vaping products.

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