Leading experts discuss the pros and cons of government regulations and explain how they affect everyday life for Americans.

Deep Dive Episode 16 – Is the Newest Part of the Copyright Act Antiquated?

December 20, 2017

Jennifer L. Pariser (Motion Picture Association), Maria Schneider (GRAMMY Award Winning Artist), and Mark Schultz (Southern Illinois University School of Law) discuss the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s “notice and takedown system” and whether this system is either “an imperfect, but workable solution to a challenging problem” or is it “outdated and impractical?”

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Deep Dive Episode 15 – Exploring Net Neutrality and the Implications of Repeal

December 13, 2017

Brent Skorup (Mercatus Center) discusses the history of the net neutrality movement, the 2015 rules, the First Amendment issues at stake, and the effect of repealing the rules.

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Deep Dive Episode 14 – Discussion on the Wassenaar Arrangement

November 3, 2017

Stewart Baker (Steptoe & Johnson), Alan Cohn (Steptoe & Johnson), and Matthew R. A. Heiman (Johnson Controls) discuss the Wassenaar Arrangement, which governs international export controls for “intrusion software,” and its regulatory effects.

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Deep Dive Episode 13 – Discussion on U.S. Treasury Reports

October 13, 2017

J. W. Verret (Antonin Scalia Law School) and Wayne Abernathy (American Bankers Association) discuss the Treasury Department’s recent report to President Trump on Core Principles for Financial Supervision.

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Deep Dive Episode 12 – Can Government Regulation Keep Pace with Emerging Technology?

October 5, 2017

Greg McNeal (Pepperdine University) and Adam Thierer (Mercatus Center) discuss the law and policy frameworks impacting emerging technologies.

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Deep Dive Episode 11 – Heimlich Maneuver on Operation Choke Point?

August 25, 2017

Listen to Pete Patterson (Cooper & Kirk) discuss Operation Choke Point, the recent Department of Justice letter denouncing its participation in this initiative, and litigation against federal agencies who have participated in it.

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Deep Dive Episode 10 – Is There a “Death Squad” at the U.S. Patent Office?: Examining the Patent Trial and Appeal Board

August 18, 2017

Josh Malone (Bunch O Balloons), Kristen Osenga (University of Richmond School of Law), and Brian O’Shaughnessy (Dinsmore & Shohl) discuss the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

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Deep Dive Episode 9 – Bureaucracy in America

August 10, 2017

Joseph Postell (University of Colorado-Colorado Springs) discusses the administrative state, how it has changed over time, and how these changes have influenced our constitutional system.

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Deep Dive Episode 8 – Cardiac Arrest: A Cautionary Tale

August 2, 2017

Listen to Howard Root’s story of going from the CEO of Vascular Solutions, Inc. to defending himself and his company in court.

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Deep Dive Episode 7 – IoT: Rise of the Machines?

July 27, 2017

Paul Rosenzweig (Red Branch Law & Consulting) and Suhail A. Khan (Microsoft) discuss the Internet of Things, the risks it potentially poses, and the role of government in mitigating these risks.

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