Deep Dive Episode 75 – Spectrum Wars

With the advent of mobile devices, ubiquitous home laptop, tablet and iPad computers, content streaming and more, the need for wireless service is forever on the rise in the United States. Industry experts note that capacity limits are being stretched. With the arrival of the “Internet of Things,” linking the internet with everything from nanny cams to home/office climate systems to autonomous vehicles, is there a clear and coherent path forward on the assignment or repurposing of spectrum? Perhaps as importantly, who has the authority and expertise to decide?

Dean Brenner

Senior Vice President, Spectrum Strategy & Technology Policy


Hilary Cain

Director (Group Manager), Technology and Innovation Policy

Toyota North America

Danielle Piñeres

Vice President & Associate General Counsel


Christopher Walker

Professor of Law

The University of Michigan Law School

Cyber & Privacy

The Federalist Society and Regulatory Transparency Project take no position on particular legal or public policy matters. All expressions of opinion are those of the speaker(s). To join the debate, please email us at [email protected].

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