Regulatory Year in Review

Eileen J. O'Connor

Within a week of his inauguration, President Trump signed an Executive Order instructing his Administration to take action to keep his campaign promise to reduce government regulation.  The EO requires federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every one they issue, and to hold annual incremental cost of regulations to zero.  How is his Administration delivering on those promises?

Answers to this and related questions can be found In Susan Dudley’s recent Forbes article.  Director of George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center, Dudley reviews the Trump Administration’s deregulatory performance during 2018.  She compares the number and pages’ worth of regulations during 2018 and prior years, describes how efforts to roll back regulations have fared in court against challenges to them, explains steps that have been taken to streamline the issuance of tax regulations, and suggests what might lie ahead for government regulations.

Eileen J. O’Connor

Eileen J. O'Connor, PLLC

Regulatory Process

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